Friday, 29 August 2014

Epic Fail On Fun Friday!

You may want fame and adulation but sometimes anonymity is far preferable. Take poor Boo caught in the act of an epic leap of faith that was more Boohoo than something to be proud of.  Poor Boo but that sure gave us a laugh on Fun Friday.

Have a fabulous Friday and remember think before you leap.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Music On Moanday Monday & Mischief Underfoot!

That'll teach em for taking over my park for the whole Bank Holiday weekend. Have a marvellous Monday all.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Share It Sunday, Charlie Down Under In Oz!

Nominated by last week's guest Blogger Beaglebratz!

The sun came out!!

The sun came out for Wills and Kate. How good is that?  Sydney shone!! AND so did Wills and Kate.  AND when they came to the mountains the sun shone again. It’s rained for weeks … but not any more …. Will, Kate and George are here. They saw me ….. I know they did!! Kate looked my way and smiled. OMD …. I nearly died. She is soooooo beautiful!! She said something to Wills and he looked my way too and HE smiled!!!!!!! OMD …. They saw me!!!!! Do you think they were impressed???       I did dress up for them, after all.  I WAS looking my best.  Crikey ….. I hope they were impressed!! This holidays been pretty exciting but yesterday was the most exciting day EVER!!! I saw a Prince and a Duchess and they saw me.   How good is that?????

Hmmmmmph!! Sydney didn't shine for me. This was our last day in Sydney. We went for a drive to the northern beaches.

Green, aye? Just like Ireland and just as wet. I had my raincoat on!

Not a very nice day at the beach, aye??

Today we went for a drive. Mum and Dad had a barney!!!! Crikey it was funny. Mum was VERY cranky with Dad. She gave him a right dressing down. Dad didn’t say too much. He just looked VERY guilty. This is what happened! We got to this lookout place where we were going to have a bit of a walk around the top of the mountain before heading down into the Megalong Valley.  Dad got out of the car and let me out. He didn’t put my lead on. What was he thinking?????? Not much, thought Mum.  I WAS OFF!!!  Bit of a problem really ….. no fences …. AND the only place to go is straight down.  I could have gone flying right out there.  Straight off the cliff top like a hang glider only without the glider part.   Mum was yelling at me ….. Dad was yelling at me!!!  All that does is scare me.   Sooooooo they both started to run away from the cliff edge as fast as they could go (FYI, that’s not very fast).  Naturally I followed and before I knew it I was back on lead again.  That’s when the real yelling started.  Mum at Dad!!!   Crikey … Mum was REAL mad!!! I could have died! 

This is where Dad let me out of the car with NO lead on! See below to read the sign.
This is where I could have ended up!!
When we all calmed down again we went for a walk around. Me on lead this time. Crikey it was a pretty place. There was a lookout right at the top and another lookout a little bit lower down. When we were at the bottom one a lady on horseback arrived at the top one  and I could see them. I tried to climb the cliff face!!!! It was too steep though so I didn’t get to play with the horse. 

Notice the BLUE sky!

I liked it here!!

This is where I climbed the cliff face to see the horse. It is MUCH steeper than it looks. Sorry about the picture but the SUN was out and in the wrong place. You can see the lookout at the top but I think the horse had gone by the time Mum took the photo.

After our walk around we went down into the valley. It was real pretty too. Soooooooooo green after all the rain. We had a few walks around before heading back to our little cottage for a restful afternoon. I think we all need a few quiet days. We have been doing such a lot lately. 

These cows have a great view, aye?

How pretty is this?

There's something out there!!

And I'm going to get it!!

We didn't see any.

Crikey ..... I hope this isn't our next cottage. Nice view though!! Bit drafty!!

While we were in the valley Mum took a video because we heard a lot of bellbirds and she thought you might like to hear them too. Do you have bellbirds over your way????  They sound just like a bell. Mum has no idea how to put a video on my blog but she is going to try. I don’t know if she will succeed but if you’ve never heard a bellbird before you might want to keep a lookout for it.
Oh! AND Happy Easter ..... I hope the Easter bunny finds you all.  Don't sneak any of the humans eggs. They can be as deadly to us four legged blokes as flying right out there over a cliff face.
I’m off for a nap now ….. bet I dream about Wills and Kate …
Wanna run …. Love, Charlie.  

Continuing to give something back on my 'Share It Sunday'. We all share and we grow together. Pop over and say hello and make a new friend.

From the author Molly The Wally.

Friday, 22 August 2014

WTF On Foxy Fun Friday!

So what happened when Lupe Johnson left her toy outside? The thing that made us laugh was the sheer indignation that turned to frustration and then resigned incredulity. You see vermin are everywhere and they want your toys. Be afraid, be very afraid. 

Have a fabulous fun Friday and keep your eyes peeled for intruders, they are out there. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Mischief On Moanday Monday & Mini Mayhem!

Last week she who must be obeyed ignored was upstairs watching TV whilst I as usual was doing the impawtant job of securing the premises. That is when I saw the little bundle of mischief scamper across the floor. Now it has been very hot over here.since May and the little fury beasties have been heading indoors looking for water. So I sounded the alarm to no avail. Getting somewhat agitated having cornered the varmint in the corridor I waited patiently and with the lazy one still not coming to my aid I let out a chorus of barks fit enough to wake sleeping ugly from her stupor upstairs. Well it worked and she came lumbering down the stairs cussing and not looking where she was going. Ho hum, tripping over Sputnik Toy she landed rather ungracefully in a heap in the corridor. The arms where flaying like a windmill and she was rocking backwards and forwards like a Swinging Jenny until gravity got the better of her. Of course I had more impawtant things to worry about and continued to sound the alarm. Eventually getting her sorry rump into action she moved the umbrella stand......I pounced........little furry beast was no more. What did she do? Did she say thank you? No she called Wonder Boy and my trophy was dispatched into the place where all good things go aka the bin. Yes they stole it so I went and sulked for Britain. Humans for you....who'd have them?

Have a marvellous Monday all and don't forget to add a little mischief today.