Monday, 28 July 2014

Mischief Monday With Hamish & Some Epic Stinky Goodness!

It has been way too hot over and everyone is getting all hot and bothered so we try and stay in the shade when out in our park. However sometimes a dog has got to do what a dog has got to do. Me I rolled in a dead mouse and peeps did the usual screaming hysterically whilst I carried on as she is not called she who must be obeyed ignored for nothing. Luckily I narrowly avoided a bath as she fished out the Aloe Vera dog wipes and said that will do. I saw her beady eyes looking at the Oust and so I made a dash for under the dinning table. Not so lucky was my mate Hamish the other day. She spotted the dead crow in time and yanked me by the collar and put me on the human walking rope. Hamish however free to do what he liked raised his leg and did a cock-a-leaky on it and proceeded to get down and enjoy a roll in the epic stinky goodness. Peeps shouted at him and his owner hearing the commotion asked what's up? As peeps proceeded to snitch on my hero Hamish, his peeps turned redder than a tomato and promptly grabbed him and on the leash he went. No walk for Hamish as he was unceremoniously dragged homeward bound in disgrace. Needles to say the bath was followed up with a cleaning of the bathroom, a bath and a change of clothes for his peeps. That's a good way to kill off a couple of hours we say. Three cheers to you Hamish. That was one epic roll in stinky goodness. Have you rolled in anything good recently. Sadly after Hamish was taken away from the crime scene my peeps bagged up the crow and threw it in the bin. Spoil sport.

Have a marvellous Monday all and don't forget to include some mischief today.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Share It Sunday, Howiadoptedyourbrother!

Community Canines

The American Kennel Club recently developed a new advanced level titleCommunity Canine. This title is an “advanced” version of the Canine Good Citizen test which is a pretty standard/basic test of if your dog can do some basic obedience and work around distractions (and not bite anybody – that’s part of the whole “good citizen” thing…). For some dogs, like Bauer, this test is a pretty easy precursor to other obedience titles or work like therapy dogs or service dogs. For other dogs, like Jeni, the test can seem totally unattainable and is a big achievement. Passing the test doesn’t necessarily make your dog a “good” dog and not passing it doesn’t mean your dog is “bad” but it’s a nice title to have and generally demonstrates that a dog has a stable temperament.

Community Canine takes the test a few steps further, adding more distractions and really testing if the dog can function in a busy, “normal” environment. While the CGC test is generally taken in a ring at a class facility with manufactured distractions, the Community Canine test is often held in public environments with “real” distractions to see how the dog can handle it. Again – not a test of good or bad, but a fun title to get.

At our nosework class/All Star Dogs Club a couple of weeks ago, everyone was chatting and I was sitting on the couch with Bauer and Jeni when I asked our trainer if he was holding CGCA tests at any point. He asked me if Bauer was ready, which of course he was (or, he better be, for all he goes out in public!), and told me we could do it that night. Thanks to the other students and their dogs for making distractions for me… we simulated real life experiences like walking past another dog down a tight hallway and walking through a doorway while holding (and not spilling) a full cup of water. Bauer passed easily… yes, THIS goofball:

Bauer crazy

After going through the steps with Bauer, I realized Jeni would be capable of taking the test as well! I should hope so, as she’s been going to busy agility trials and we have a rally trial scheduled for about a month from now. So at our next session, after running Jeni through some rally practice (she rocked it!) and working on some conformation handling (mostly having Jeni stand still and tolerating someone touching her), we decided to run Jeni through the test. And my beautiful and patient girl passed as well! She really is a special dog for always working so hard for me when most of the time I’m sure she wants to make this face:

Jeni crazy

A perfect handler I am not, but learning together is part of the journey! Anyway, now Jeni and Bauer both get to add CGCA after their names and can move onto other fun things and new titles down the road.

So I’ll leave you with this… see those goofballs in the pictures? They are “community canines” but they are also DOGS. They bark, and poop, and jump, and bite, and bark more, and pull on the leash sometimes, and play keep away, and knock stuff over, and chew things, and steal food… I could go on. A very smart coworker of mine told me if she could only get people to understand that dogs are dogs, and teach people they can’t expect robots, we would have way less of a homeless animal problem. So, from someone who trains their dogs daily and has several titles on them, look at what my “community canine” did just last night, and think about the expectations you have for your own dogs…


(Yes, Jeni does have a sense of humor…)


Continuing to give something back on my 'Share It Sunday'. We all share and we grow together. Pop over and say hello and make a new friend.

From the author Molly The Wally.

Friday, 25 July 2014

It Is All In The Name On Fun Friday!

Whilst busy contemplating this and that we thought as it is fun Friday we take a look at Britain's silliest street names. From lazy to dumb we sure got them covered.

What is the weirdest street name you have come across? Have a fabulous Friday all.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Homeland Security & The Big Stink On Wordless Wednesday!

it says odour eliminator Mini Pip so Mr.Stinky is gonna get it..........

Have a wonderful Wednesday all.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Dog House Blog, The Blame Game!

We are back at last. We should have been back sooner had she who must be obeyed ignored not met with an accident that she says was my fault and my fault alone. Now I have issues with a certain local resident who I call Mr Stinky. Mr Stinky wears the same jumper all year round and I can usually sniff him out before my peeps spots him. When the aroma of Mr Stinky hits my nose I limber up and on his appearance I go for a full frontal attack with lots of lounging and barking and the odd snarl. This happens so often peeps is always trying to avoid him. Unfortunately the other week I went into attack mode and peeps left shoulder went into smoulder and she was in agony. What made matters worse was Mr Stinky stopped to remonstrate about my behaviour which was a bonus for me as I snarled and barked my happy head off. She who must be obeyed ignored was left standing there embarrassed and in some pain. So with both shoulders out of action we had to take an extended break. However we are back and we will be catching up with all our pals and seeing what mischief you have all be up to. We will be posting Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays so as not to over do it but we will visit you all daily. 

Have a marvellous Monday all.

We also would like to thank Lottie for giving us this award. We are thrilled and we will pop it on our awards page with pride. Many thanks. 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Pain In The Butt Is Better Than A Cold Shoulder!

Just a quickie to let you know we miss you all. We are on a staycation as peeps has started having problems with her right shoulder which is causing her pain and so make the yaptop unpleasant to use. The frozen shoulder is so bad it makes her feel sicky. So we are trying to rest it up ans hopefully it will be OK after a good rest. We will be back soon and we miss you all. Please forgive is for not visiting but peeps thinks it is better to shut down for a bit as it not nice for you to have to visit us when we cannot visit you. Any tips on how to make the shoulder better will be greatly received. 

Take care all
Best wishes Molly

Friday, 4 July 2014

Happy 4th July To You All!

Asleep on the job we nearly forgot to wish all our friends over in the USA happy 4th July. We hope you all have a lovely day.

Best wishes Molly

Hopefully we will be back soon at least visiting.